2o days towards happier, healthier living 

Confidence, Joy & Freedom

Use this 20 Day Challenge as a jumpstart to discovering habits and lifstyle practices that will lead you to physical, mental and emotional wellness. 

 20 Day Wellness Challenge

These daily challenges were designed to help you experiment with your own lifstyle and health habits, discovering new activities, thought-patterns or mantras that generate a happier, healthier life. The challenges cover three main areas of wellness:


What types of foods fuel you towards feeling your best? Which eating habits are nourishing and enjoyable, and which are restrictive and depriving you of a full life?


What types of activities does your body crave? What form of movement helps you physically feel your best- strong, confident and energized?


Are you living in a state of constant stress? Do you feel trapped in a system of diets and restrictions? How is your relationship with food and exercise affecting your enjoyment of daily life?


About the Dietitian

Savannah is passionate about using food, movement and mindfulness to cultivate daily habits of joyful, free and confident living. She coaches clients through implementing sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle strategies that enable them to discover and continuously fuel their best self.

In her own wellness wonderland, Savannah enjoys long walks and chats with friends, local farmers markets, dancing, yoga and lots of banana muffins smeared with peanut butter. She is wife to a United States Air Fore pilot-in-training and soon-to-be mom of their first little one! 

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20 Day Wellness Challenge

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