Find Your Happy Healthy Course

Find Your Happy Healthy Course

What does healthy living mean to you?

Does being healthy currently seem to require restrictive diets, demanding exercise regimens, counting calories or saying no to things you love?

  • Are you constantly bombarded with culture’s message that you need to be dieting or need to be manipulating your body to look a certain way?
  • Are you tired of hating your body and ready to start loving yourself and your life again?
  • Are you fed up with constantly assessing, counting and micromanaging the calories you consume and burn?
  • Are you ready to quit obsessing about food and exercise so you can fully experience every moment?
  • Has your weight yo-yoed throughout the years from diet after diet?
  • How do you feel about a new approach to health that involves ZERO dieting, movement that you enjoy and prioritizing self care, sleep and stress-reduction?

If you’re interested at all in DITCHING the DIET and finding a health journey that you actually love and enjoy, you’ve landed in the right place.

In 2018, Savvy Wellness and Health will be presenting a brand new E-course, Find Your Happy Healthy.

This course will center on the principles of Health at Every Size, intuitive eating and self car. It will teach you how to approach health from all angles- mental, physical and emotional. It will guide you through designing a life that you actual love living.

We’ll cover…

  • breaking up with dieting
  • the core tenets of intuitive eating
  • learning to respect your body
  • listening to and honoring your body’s signals and cues
  • setting health goals
  • making sustainable, enjoyable healthy changes
  • nutrition information that can inform and guide your decisions WITHOUT following any food rules or adhering to any diet-y tendencies.

Additional benefits of the group will include lifetime membership in a private Facebook group. Here, you can ask questions and get support directly from Savannah Thaler, the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist behind Savvy Wellness and Health.

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