Love Your Summer – Wellness Wednesday

Love Your Summer – Wellness Wednesday

Latest Wellness Wednesday post on gearing up for summer and loving yourself just as you are. We’re approaching a season when media and diet culture are especially on fire trying to shame you into wanting to manipulate your body to be different, so arm yourself with the good truth of your own immeasurable beauty and value. Return to LOVING summer just like you did as a child!

Are you ready for summer?

Anyone else seen that question 1978347637814639 times already this season in magazines, on social media, radio or TV commercials?

How do you feel about the summer? Are you excited for sunshine, BBQs, pool/beach days and evening porch sittin’ sipping on your favorite cold beverage?

Or has diet culture conditioned you to dread the arrival of “swimsuit season” by making you believe the body you’re in isn’t ready for bikinis, swim trunks or summer dresses?

Savannah Thaler, photo by Kate Spitz photography
photo by Kate Spitz Photography

What if we changed the question? What if instead of asking “Does my body look like the swimsuit models in magazine photos?” we asked, “How can I love and be grateful to my body today?”

What if we used daily enjoyment, relationships and emotional well-being as measurements of wellness and our excitement for summer instead of our clothing size?

What if we used our valuable time and energy to plan fun events, travels, cook-outs or weekend pool days to cherish with our friends and family instead of to hate our bodies and calorically-restrict or over-exercise ourselves into unhappy (but culturally “healthy”) versions of ourselves.

I’m here to encourage you to make this summer different.

Make this summer one where your children notice how much more confident you are in your skin.

Beach with sister
Me and my sister enjoying Destin, Fl

Make this summer one where you actually get to excitedly anticipate weddings, pool parties and beach trips because of the joy and fun you know you’ll get from them.

Make this summer one where you don’t obsess over every bite of corn-on-the-cob, watermelon or homemade ice cream, because you’re too busy savoring the delicious flavors and enjoying precious, fleeting moments to count calories.

Ice cream at the beach
Ice cream in a cone is one of my favorite desserts!

Go for walks or bike rides because it feels good. Or stay inside and do some yoga, treating yourself to the AC as you escape the summer heat! Move how it feels good!

Get excited- summer is approaching and it’s going to be FUN. If you’re not to a place of self love yet, practice makes perfect. Practice is the only way that positive body image will become your natural instinct! Start adding in a positive affirmation every day while looking at yourself in the mirror. See where that leaves you 1, 2 or 4 weeks down the road.

If you need some help learning to love the skin you’re in and truly enjoying healthy, balanced living, consider joining us for the next Wellness Workshop, starting on June 1st!

What are you most excited about for summer? Drop a comment!


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