Wellness Lately- 3rd Trimester Pregnancy

Wellness Lately- 3rd Trimester Pregnancy

Today for Wellness Wednesday I’m doing something a little different.

I’ll still be giving  applicable-to-all wellness advice but I’m doing it in the context of my current situation: pregnancy.

pregnancy wellness 29 weeks

Every pregnancy is different. For me, during second trimester (or more specifically, 12-27 weeks) I felt on top of the world. I was able to continue exercising consistently, do all the errands, cook, keep up my social calendar and function almost as my non-pregnant self (minus running, because- OUCH).


Then third trimester hit. And WOW did it hit like a brick wall. All of a sudden I was faced with having to choose between a nice morning walk or grocery shopping because
most days I simply did not have the physical capacity to do both. I’m currently 29 weeks and finally figuring out how to adjust my daily to-do list appropriately.
What has this required of me?

  • Grace for myself
  • Listening (very carefully) to my body
  • Honoring my body’s (and my baby’s!) needs
  • Asking for help/admitting I can’t do something myself (a toughie!)
  • Being diligent with my time
  • Being intentional about rest (still working on this one)


And do you know what?


Pregnant or not, all of those bullet points are important for you, too.


Whether you feel awesome, strong and energized or tired and sluggish, honoring your body’s needs and listening to what it’s telling you is undoubtedly the best way to discover optimal health.

  • If you are not getting adequate rest, your body is not going to feel or function at it’s best.
  • If you are not fueling your body with food that nourishes, you’re not going to thrive physically.
  • If you are not diligent with your time and committed to fitting in the activities that help you feel your best (whether that’s a nap, a walk, some reading or cooking a homemade dinner), those things simply won’t happen.
  • And if you are not willing to show yourself some grace, accept and love yourself exactly where you’re at TODAY, then you’ll never be content. “If you can’t be happy with yourself now, you won’t be happy with yourself ever.” (A lot of people have probably said this but the most recent time I saw this quote it was attributed to Anastasia Amour.)

So pay attention when the body talks to you. Chances are: whatever it’s trying to tell you- you need to hear!

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