Work With Savannah

Work With Savannah

An Investment for Your Health

I work with individuals, families, groups, and corporate clients nation-wide. I am available to teach classes, give seminars, menu/meal plan, provide individual counseling and more. Located in Columbus, Mississippi, I can see long distance clients virtually (Skype, Facetime, phone) and local clients face-to-face, according to your preferences.

Review services and programs below, then contact me to discuss getting started or a customized option. While you’re deciding about working together with me, grab the 20 Day Wellness Challenge to get a head start on your wellness journey.

  • Do you have difficulty consistently making food choices that would help you feel your best?
  • Do you have trouble fitting regular exercise into your busy daily schedule?
  • Have you set good intentions but lacked the accountability or motivation to reach your goals?
  • Are you frustrated or upset with yourself for feeling like you’ve “failed” to stick with your plans?
  • Do quick, healthy meals seem unattainable for you/ your family?

If any of the above are keeping you from a happy, confident journey towards healthier living, The 6 Week Intensive Program can:

  • Help you establish a regular exercise routine that you actually enjoy
  • Move you towards feeling confident in your food choices, giving you freedom from the burden of diets and restrictions
  • Teach you to become more in-tune with your hunger and fullness signals
  • Provide structure and organization for your goals
  • Help you build critical stress-relieving activities into your routine
  • Hold you accountable to the goals and intentions you’ve set for yourself
  • Share with you the skills and planning practices necessary for regular, no-fuss meal planning and prep
  • Communicate important food and nutrition knowledge that will enable you to make informed, healthy choices for your everyday meals and snacks


The details:

The 6 Week Intensive Program: Learn to Plan, Organize and Execute Your Goals for the Healthy Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted


  • Accountability via 2x/week check-ins with me to follow up on goals
  • Support available through unlimited email/text contact between sessions
  • Comprehensive initial session: exploring obstacles, setting goals, nutrition education and planning for success
  • Variety of recipe suggestions according to your preferences
  • 4 follow up sessions to review progress and goals
  • Choice of bonus, with options including: grocery store tour, weekly meal plan, kitchen/pantry essentials review, cooking lesson, nutrition essentials or wellness book (choose from list), food log in-depth assessment and feedback or family session

Take time to reflect on the obstacles you currently face keeping you from the life you want. If you’re ready to invest in a happier, healthier YOU, or would like more information, set up your free 15 minute phone consultation to get started.

For a (virtual) group atmosphere that provides a vibe of constant positivity and camaraderie with others also on a journey towards healthier living, consider the

6 Week Wellness Workshop.

We will focus on physical, emotional and mental wellness as we learn how to ditch the diet and embrace a lifestyle of freedom, confidence and joy!

The next workshop is starting June 1 and early bird price is $65 until May 25th. Find out all about this workshop here.

If you feel like you lack some basic knowledge regarding nutrition, fitness, cooking, goal setting or de-stressing, but prefer a smaller commitment,

Individual Counseling may be for you.


  • Comprehensive initial coaching session (~1.5 hour)
  • Two follow-up sessions (~45 minutes each)
  • Email summaries after all appointments outlining discussion, including a personalized goal tracking sheet and individualized tips
  • Email/text/call access to Savannah between visits for follow up questions and support

To book your first session or discuss if this is the right package for you, set up your free 15 minute phone consultation.

A La Carte options- Contact for prices not listed and combination packages. These come with limited email access which can be used for general follow-up questions related to topics discussed during session + a PDF recap of topics discussed and recipes/links to more information when applicable.

  • 1.5 hour initial comprehensive consultation $125
  • 1 hour nutrition education instructional session $75
  • 1 hour goal setting/strategy session $75
  • Follow up sessions $60/half hour
  • “Aisle Navigation” Grocery Store Tour and Food Label Reading
  • “What’s In Your Kitchen?” Kitchen/Pantry Essentials Review
  • Cooking lesson: Weekly meal prep or dinner menu
  • “Control the Cart” – Lesson on Efficient, Money Saving Grocery Shopping
  • Food Logs: In-Depth Assessment and Feedback

Medical Nutrition Therapy

If you reside in the state of Mississippi and desire nutritional counseling to help manage any of the following conditions, Contact Me to discuss options for nutrition therapy:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Savvy Wellness and Health is not an in-network insurance provider, but upon request can provide a Superbill which you submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. We recommend contacting your insurance company beforehand to discuss what is covered by your plan.

A few notes:

  • Sessions can be conducted over the phone, via video chat (Skype, Facetime) or in-person for clients in Northeast Mississippi including Starkville and Tuscaloosa areas.
  • If you’d like to give the gift of healthier living, Contact Me to purchase a gift certificate.