A six week program to help you ditch the diet and start actually enjoying healthy living again.


Discover how good life could be.

Do any of these sound like you?

Finding yourself at bedtime unhappy with how you spent your day?

Consistently feeling frustrated with making healthy efforts but not achieving the goals you have in mind?

Experiencing guilt or remorse after indulging in certain foods, eating too much or missing a workout?

Believing that reaching a certain number on the scale or clothes size will bring you happiness and confidence?

Frequently overwhelmed with stress, negativity or discontentment?

This program is for YOU!

We'll be getting started on June 1st, so save your spot by signing up today!

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Six weeks of actionable advice, encouragement, accountability and positivity poured into your life

The video lessons, worksheets, daily tips, recipe ideas and group mentality were designed and implemented specifically with you in mind.

Nourish Your Body

How to choose foods that will help you feel your physical best AND what to do about cravings, eating out and emotional eating.

Stress Reduction

Importance of managing your stress and daily mood influencers to promote better overall health, mental wellness and emtional stability. 

Debunking diet myths and trends

How to once-and-for-all ditch the diet mentality, embrace intuitive eating and honor your hunger, emotional AND mental needs.

Now that we've "met" and you have a better sense of who I am and what I'm about, I'd love to connect with you through this group and partner along with you on your wellness journey! 

In this program, you'll be a part of a private Facebook group of other individuals also on a journey toward healthier, happier living. All content will be shared via the group or over email and any questions you have can be shared in the group or privately over email. 

Accountability will come in the form of a weekly individul 'check-in' message from me to touch base about your specific goals and struggles in addition to daily encouragement and check-ins faciliated in the group.  

Recipe ideas will be posted weekly, and you will be encouaged regularly to share updates on your day/week, obstacles, uplifting thoughts and more with your fellow participants.

Start date: June 1st

Basic program: $65 

VIP program: $115

With the VIP package, you receive two 30 minute one-on-one coaching calls with me, an additional value of $100! 


Valuable, evidence-based nutrition education that takes the focus off of restriction and onto the joy of eating!

Combined with learning about the importance of loving ourselves, body confidence, stress-reduction and intuitive eating, we will also cover important topics like those listed below.

Micro vs Macro-nutrients

What is the difference, should I be counting either one and what are their benefits to my physical health?

Portion distortion 

There is no perfect amount of each food group that is best to eat. We'll put you back in charge of deciding how much you 'need' to eat.

Simple hacks for cooking more

Tips and tricks for meal planning, meal prep and finding recipes that you will love.

Immune boosting foods

Everyone wants to stay out of the doctor's office and take less medication, right? Learn which foods to incorporate for optimal immune system support. 


About the Dietitian

Savannah is passionate about using food, movement and mindfulness to cultivate daily habits of joyful, free and confident living. She coaches clients through implementing sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle strategies that enable them to discover and continuously fuel their best self.

In her own wellness wonderland, Savannah enjoys long walks and chats with friends, local farmers markets, dancing, yoga and lots of banana muffins smeared with peanut butter. She is wife to a United States Air Fore pilot-in-training and soon-to-be mom of their first little one! 

Get in touch with Savannah to ask any questions about the program here.

What past participants are saying: 

A new perspective

"Through my participation in the Wellness Workshop, I have gained a whole new perspective on nutrition and healthy living - one that is unique because it allows for grace in the learning process. Savannah's knowledge combined with passion for helping others is something that everyone can benefit from." -Rachel

"Healthier way of thinking and feeling about my body"

"I am so thankful I decided to take Savannah's course! It has been a beautiful, non-threatening way to learn about the ways diet culture has dictated so much of how I think and feel about food. Savannah has offered ways and encouragement to start lessening that impact and shift into new, healthier way of thinking and feeling about my body. She gives excellent one on one attention and is very willing to assist in any way." -Emmaline

Self love

“Celebrations have been a shift in my mindset on my body. I’m slowly learning to embrace the body I have and not try and compare it to other peoples'.”


“It has been so great to have the daily/weekly reminders to love myself, nourish my body with foods that are healthy and tasty, and try to keep moving in ways that I enjoy.”

6 Week Wellness Workshop: Discover your best self through joyful, confident and diet-free healthy living!

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Six Week Wellness Workshop

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